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Insect Control Netting

Insect netting is a very fine net that has been developed to protect your plants from even the smallest insects - use it to protect against cabbage root fly, carrot fly, cabbage white butterfly, pea moth, cutworm, caterpillars, onion fly, cabbage whitefly, leaf miners, whitefly and many other types of aphids. Whilst providing effective insect protection, it will also protect your crops from birds, rabbits and hares. Although a very fine net it still allows excellent light transmission, good air-flow and allows water to filter through.

Ideally place the insect netting over where you have planted your - so before it emerges from the ground - crop leaving enough slack for the growth of the crop but anchoring the edges securely using ground pegs. The insect netting can then be left in place until the autumn when insects will be inactive. If you're protecting crops that continue to grow over the winter months then you could leave the netting in place, as it will provide protection from birds and small animals. If your plants need pollinating by bees then you will need to remove the net when the plants are in flower.

Insect netting is strong, rot resistant and UV protected so at the end of the season you can remove it, roll it up and store away until it's needed again the following year.