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Hotbox Fan Heaters

Top quality 1.8KW and 2.7KW Hotbox Electric Greenhouse Fan Heaters.
Both have very sturdy, long-lasting stainless steel cases and incorporate a sheathed heating element to enable safe use in greenhouse environments. Reliable, accurate capillary thermostats are also built in to control your greenhouse temperature. 
Controlled by a traditional capillary thermostat (range 6*-38*C /42*-102*F).

A powerful internal fan uses only 40 watts of power to circulate 400 cubic metres of air per hour, the Fan run continuously whilst the heating element switches on and off as the temperature required is reached.

Versatile can also be used for air circulation, as an aid to cooling in the summer, as the fan can be set to run on its' own, continuously.

Simple installation - The unit comes complete with a 6'6"" (198cm) mains cable and plug for simple installation.
Designed to be suspended securely from the ridge of the greenhouse (zinc plated chains supplied).
The 2.7KW model is also supplied with additional foot mounts and handle to allow the heater to be floor mounted.

Models available:
1.8KW Levant to heat up to 8' x 10' greenhouses,
2.7KW Elite to heat up to 10' x 12' greenhouses.

1.8KW - 10" (25cm) long x 8" (22cm) dia., 
2.7KW - 16" (41cm) long x 8" (22cm) dia.