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Watertight Plastic Gravel Tray

Strong, Watertight Plastic Gravel Trays for use in greenhouses, conservatories or in the home.
Available in a range of sizes these really useful plastic trays have hundreds of different uses around the garden and home, use with water matting, sand or gravel to keep your plants watered, use on top of existing work surfaces to keep any mess contained when potting up or any other potentially dirty job, the list is endless! 

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select one of the packs of three and you will SAVE up to £4.60 against purchasing multiple single units.
Use with sand, gravel or water matting to increase humidity levels & aid watering.

Use as a master tray to move around large numbers of smaller pots.

Use as a potting up tray in your greenhouse, garden or home.

Ideal for standing pot plants in when your away to keep them easily watered.

Available in six sizes:
16" x 12" - 1 3/4" Deep, in Green (41cm x 31cm x 4.5cm)
29" x 7" - 1 3/4" Deep, in Green (74cm x 18cm x 4.5cm)
 24" x 24" - 2 3/4" Deep, in Black (61cm x 61cm x 7cm)
 31" x 15" - 2" Deep, in Green (79cm x 39cm x 5cm)
 39" x 16" - 2" Deep, in Black (100cm x 41cm x 5cm)
 47" x 21" - 2" Deep, in Black (120cm x 55cm x 5cm).

PLEASE NOTE: these are the maximum dimensions at the top rim, all the trays have a taper to the bottom, so the bases will be slightly smaller. If this is critical, please ring for further details.