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Square Bokashi Compost Bin Kit

These Square Bokashi Compost Bin Kits are clean, odourless and simple to use. Just add your kitchen waste to the bin, sprinkle some Bokashi Bran over the top and repeat the process until the Bokashi Bin is full. Then you leave it for 2-3 weeks to complete the fermentation, drawing liquid off every few days.
Once complete, the waste is ready to be dug into the garden, added to your compost heap or introduced to a Wormery to be 'finished off'. Because the Bokashi has fermented the food and neutralised any odour, it should not attract vermin when added into your compost bin.
In this way you are recycling you kitchen waste into a useful material for use in your garden AND reducing the mount of waste being thrown away.
Each Bokashi Bin Kit includes:

Either One or Two Bokashi Bins - depending on the kit you purchase
One Bokashi Scoop / Masher
2kg Bokashi Bran
Detailed Instructions for setting up and using the kit.

Each Bokashi Bin includes:

Easy Twist Integrated Tap and Inner Drainage Tray - this allows you to easily drain off any excess liquid produced, allowing the organic waste to decompose at a quicker rate. The amount and colour of the liquid drained will depend on the type of foods you have put into the bucket. Fruit and vegetables tend to release more liquid than other foods.

The liquid produced during the fermentation process is highly beneficial and can be used when watering your garden or around the house. It will contain nutrients from the food organics and is alive with beneficial microbes. For garden or house plants you only need to add one teaspoon of liquid to every 5 litres of water and then apply directly to the soil. For trees and shrubs use 2 teaspoons per 5 litres of water. Always water the soil and avoid getting the feed on plant foliage. Around the house you can pour the concentrated liquid directly into your kitchen and bathroom drains, toilets or septic systems. The EM?s (Effective Micro-Organisms) within the liquid will help to prevent algae build up and will help to control odours. The liquid should be used within a day or two after draining from the bucket - it should not be stored.

Bucket Lid - vital as this is an anaerobic composting system. The lid should be kept shut at all times, the less air reaching the contents of the bucket the better. Bokashi Bucket Dimensions:
Height 16˝ inches / 42cm
Width 12 inches / 30cm
Depth 12 inches / 30cm
Capacity 23 litres.

Bokashi Scoop / Masher - this is used to press down the contents of the bin to help expel any air.

2kg Bokashi Bran - every time you add cooked or uncooked food scraps into the bin you should sprinkle a handful of the bran on top. The bran has been activated with Effective Micro-Organisms (EM?s) - essentially friendly bacteria and molasses. This pleasant smelling bran aids and promotes the fermentation of your organic waste.

What you can add to your Bokashi Bin - fruit and vegetable scraps, dairy products, meat and bones, fish, pizza, burgers, snacks, cooked leftovers, spent flowers and pet waste from small herbivores.

What you can do once the Bokashi process is complete - you can either add the waste to a compost bin, or add it to a wormery or dig a trench in the soil in your garden, add the waste and cover over.

Delivery: please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

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