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Vertical Garden

Got a soilless space? No problem, you can now grow vegetables and fruits in our Vertical Garden. Ideal for growing plants from seeds, cuttings or plug plants all the way through to cropping. Each tier is 6" deep so there is plenty of room for root growth. Available in a two and three tier version, select the two tier garden and you will double the growing space - select a three tier garden and you’re tripling the growing area.

Framework - A framework of rot proof aluminium holds heat absorbing, 6" deep black plastic trays.

Growing area - These 6" (15cm) deep trays form each tier of the Vertical Garden, providing loads of space for root growth.

Versatile - Each tier is fully height adjustable so can be set to suit the plants you’re growing, as well as being fixed at a height that makes them comfortable to work at.

Dimensions -
Grow Trays - Measuring 21" x 39" (56cm x 90cm) each tier will hold up to 65 litres of compost.
Vertical Garden Frame Size - 40" wide x 23" deep x 4’7" high (102cm x 58cm x 140cm).

First image shows a Two Tier Vertical Garden stood next to a Three Tier unit which is fitted with two of the optional extra Tray Cloches.