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Urbalive Berberis Self Watering Planter

These Urbalive Berberis Self-Watering Planters are ideal for growing vegetables, flowers or herbs, can be used indoors or outdoors and would be an ideal addition to a balcony or patio.
These designer planters are available in two colour combinations, white with a green inner or grey with a green inner. They are also available in two sizes, either 23½in long or 31½in long.
These planters are designed to be self-watering - you simply add water into the reservoir of the planter, with an indicator showing when the reservoir is full. Water is transferred from the reservoir to your plants by capillary action, with a capillary wick transferring the water from the reservoir to your plants. Water will only be moved from the reservoir once the compost starts to dry - in this way your plants will never be over or under watered.
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Available in two sizes:
23˝in / 59cm long x 7ľin / 19.5cm wide x 7ľin / 19.5cm deep
31˝in / 78cm long x 7ľin / 19.5cm wide x 7ľin / 19.5cm deep.

Available in two colours:
White with green inner
Dark grey with green inner.

Easy Watering - these planters can be used indoors or outdoors. Water can be added to the reservoir of the planter at one end of the planter - an indicator will show when more water needs to be added.