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Tropf Blumat Tank Kit

This Tropf Blumat Tank Kit contains sufficient components to water 12 hanging baskets, or 12 tubs, or 4 grow bags or a 10ft x 8" (3m x 20cm) bed etc.
This automatic watering kit is designed to be fed from a tank of water.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy this set and you will SAVE £6.61 on purchasing the components separately.


Tank Connector - to give a Ľ" outlet from an suitable tank, to which the system tube connects.
Your tank will require a 13mm hole drilling to accept this tank connector

12 Ceramic Probes - these regulate the flow of water at the point of watering.

11 In-Line Connectors - to connect drip tube to feed tube (1 required for each probe).

1 End-Line Connector - to connect the last piece of drip tube in the system.

10 Metres Ľ" Feed Tube - this forms the main artery of the system, carrying the water around the area to be watered.

3 Metres 1/16" Drip Tube - carries water from the Feed Tube up to and through a probe and delivers the drips.