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Tropf Blumat Pressure Reducer for 1/2" Hosepipe

If you need to start the Tropf Blumat system from a ½" hosepipe (for example if you are using the system in a greenhouse which is a distance from your mains water supply) this Pressure Reducer is supplied complete with the fittings to allow you to do so.

Fitting to the Hose:
Fit the Gardena Snap-On Hose Connector to the end of your existing ˝" hosepipe.
Into the top of the Pressure Reducer screw the grey adaptor.
This will then allow you to 'push fit' the Snap-On Hose Connector onto the Pressure Reducer, thus connecting it to your hosepipe.

Fitting the Ľ" Tube:
At the base of the Pressure Reducer just unscrew the retaining cap and slip it onto the Ľ" tube.
Push the Ľ" tube onto the barbed fitting and screw the retaining cap back onto the Pressure Reducer to hold the tube securely in place.

Water Filter -
Within the Pressure Reducer is a mesh water filter to prevent any small particles getting into the watering system & blocking the tube or nozzles. The filter is easily accessible for simple cleaning.