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Tomato Focus Fertiliser

A high quality fertiliser for tomatoes Tomato Focus that has been developed for feeding your tomato plants which require high levels of calcium, magnesium and potassium in order to reach their full potential. Tomato Focus is ideal for those plants grown in limited compost - perfect for grow bag grown plants - and will support vigorous plant growth and tasty crops. Tomato Focus is the first fertiliser to be water specific - choose either the Soft Water or Hard Water variety depending on the type of water you have in your area - this ensures exactly the right mix of nutrients are provided in the correct ratio resulting in remarkable growth and cropping results.
Recommended Dilution Rates :

Supplied as a 2 litre bottle, the following dilution rates are recommended. For plants grown in a greenhouse or outdoors use 5ml per litre for seedlings or young plants. On the appearance of flowers or fruit increase up to 7ml per litre.
For plants grown in grow bags use 7ml per litre at all stages of growth.

Tomato Focus is a unique fertiliser for three specific reasons :

It contains high levels of the crucial minerals elements - calcium, magnesium and potassium - that are vital for peak tomato performance.

It is a blend of both mineral and organic ingredients which results in an incomparable combination of precision and fertility.

It is available with specific formulations for hard water and for rain/soft water - this ensures precise delivery of nutrients to your plants whatever the water supply.

Tomato Focus Fertiliser For Soft Water (inc Rainwater)
Soft water and rain water lack many of the key minerals required for healthy plant growth. Using this fertiliser provides your plants with the full profile of minerals, including appropriate levels of the crucial nutrients calcium, magnesium and iron.

Tomato Focus Fertiliser For Hard Water
About a third of the UK has hard tap water. Hard water has a high mineral content and high pH which can limit the uptake of essential nutrients which can result in poor or limited plant growth. Using this fertiliser will provide your plants with greater availability of nutrients and less salt build-up in the growing medium.

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