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Tiny Paraffin Heater

Designed and manufactured by Bio Green this Tiny Greenhouse Paraffin Heater enables you to provide heat easilly and cheaply and will heat a cold frame or keep a shed or other small building frost-free.

150 watt output.

˝ gallon capacity provides approximately 14 days burning.

Viewing window to enable easy monitoring of the flame.

Tank & burner manufactured from Aluzinc which doesn't rust.

Adjustable burner to regulate the temperature.

Heat spreaders with a 'second skin' to stop the heater becoming too hot to touch.

Dimensions: 10˝"" (27cm) diameter x 4˝"" (11cm) high.

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N.B. Designed for safe operation in a cold frame or greenhouse, it is not intended for use in domestic situations.

Using a paraffin heater creates CO2 one of the main plant foods.