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Thermoset Digital Thermostat

This Thermoset Digital Thermostat will control any heating appliance rated up to a maximum of 500 watts, making it ideal for the control of propagators, heating cables, heated trays and benches as well as small greenhouse heaters.
Simple to set and adjust, the Thermoset is programmed with the simple up and down temperature buttons.
It has an easy to read illuminated screen with large digits, which turns off after one minute of non-use in order to reduce energy consumption. It has a 'heat on' indicator which tells you when your appliance is drawing power and a remote heavy duty sensor probe for accurate positioning, this probe is IP68 rated which means it can stand long periods of water immersion.
The Thermoset Greenhouse Thermostat casing itself is constructed using waterproof seals preventing any water ingress meaning it can be sited in areas of spray and high humidity.
This Thermoset Digital Thermostat has the following features -

Illuminated screen - with large, easy to read digits.

Automatic screen saver - to reduce energy consumption.

Heating Indicator - letting you know when power is being drawn by your appliance.

Upgraded seals - Dramatic temperature changes can cause thermostat casings to expand and allow water ingress when humidity is high or sprays are in use, the thermoset has waterproof seals to prevent this.

Heavy duty temperature sensor - the remote sensor gives accurate and fast response to temperature changes, and being IP68 rated (able to withstand prolonged immersion in water) is tough and durable.

Robust hanging loop - for convenient and safe placement of the Thermoset - IE. a convenient viewing height.

Cabling -
A 5'3" mains lead with 3 pin plug.
A 5'3" power out lead fitted with 3 pin socket - for plugging your appliance into.
A 3' sensor lead with probe.

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