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The Original Paper Potter

The Original Paper Potteris an award-winning, time tested tool for making eco-friendly, biodegradable pots for seedlings from old newspaper - it was used by Monty Don on Gardener?s World in April 2018!
This traditional tool makes making your own pots from newspaper quick and easy and you can make a large number of pots in a short length of time for free by using old newspapers.
The round paper pots you make using this wooden tool will be 1inch (4cm) diameter and up to 2" deep (5cm).


The tool is made up of two parts, the 'handle' and the 'base'.

The Handle is what is used to form the shape of the pot. You simply take a strip of newspaper and wrap it around the handle until you have about 4-6 layers of paper. The strip of newspaper should be about 1" (2.5cm) longer than the height of the pot you want to make. When wrapping the paper around the handle this extra 1" (2.5cm) should extend beyond the bottom of the handle. This overhang of paper should then be tucked into the bottom of the handle.

Use the Base to form a solid, flat base to the pot. By placing the Handle into the Base and twisting it gently a few times you will create a firm base to the pot. Your paper pot is then ready to fill with compost and use - it's that easy!

To keep your young plants watered as they grow in their paper pots, stand the pots on top of water matting or capillary matting. This will ensure the paper stays moist, so once the plants roots reach the sides of the pots they will be able to grow through the paper - air pruning will then occur which is beneficial to your plants as it encourages more roots to form.

These paper pots will last about 4-6 weeks before they start to break down, making them ideal for fast growing crops such as courgettes or pumpkins, as well as fast growing flowers such as zinnias, marigolds, nasturtiums etc.

As these pots are made from newspaper, when your young plants are ready to plant outdoors you won't need to remove them from their pots as the paper will degrade in the soil. This means there is no root disturbance as you plant out, so your plants will continue to grow strongly.