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Sunblaster Grow Light

Quick and easy to install, these robust, lightweight high performance Grow Lights will help you grow better plants quicker! These Sunblaster T5HO Grow Lights with Nanotech Reflectors have a 6400K full spectrum balanced light for healthy green growth on seedlings and cuttings.
Available in four sizes:
SBLGL30 - The 12" long fittings are 11 watt / 6400k lamps giving 720 initial lumens.
SBLGL45 - The 18" long fittings are 17 watt / 6400k lamps giving 1581 initial lumens.
SBLGL60 - The 24" long fittings are 24 watt / 6400k lamps giving 2232 initial lumens.
SBLGL90 - The 36" long fittings are 39 watt / 6400k lamps giving 3627 initial lumens.

Life Expectancy on lamps - 10,000 hours.

Fittings come complete with -
- clip on fixing points ready to accept your own chain, wire or twine for hanging.
- Power cords with built in on/off switches.
- Linking power cords.

Up to 8 Sunblaster Grow lights can be linked together to create larger and more intense growing areas. 

NB. Seed trays and Covers not included.