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Suet Tiffins with Mealworms

A no mess, no waste, high energy food source for wild birds these Suet Tiffins with Mealworms will attract a wide range of wild birds into your garden including robins, blackbirds starlings and tits. Supplied in a resealable tub these tiffins can be fed from a bird table or ground feeder or can be sprinkled into other bird foods.
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A high energy food source these suet tiffins are a good source of fat and calories making them an ideal food for wild birds during autumn and winter months when birds need high energy foods to help them survive harsh, cold weather.

Easy to feed these tiffins can be fed from bird tables or from the ground.

Attractive to blackbirds, starlings, robins, tits etc.

Supplied in a re-sealable, reusable 3kg tub.

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When not in use this Storage Seat will fit neatly under any of our single tier staging and benching, but is especially useful when used with our Potting Table.