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Subpod Mini

Due to very high demand, if you order now your Subpod Mini will be delivered in October. 
A compact version of the popular Subpod Classic, the Subpod Mini Worm Farm and Composting System will enable smaller households of 1-4 people to recycle their kitchen and garden waste into a nutrient rich compost for their garden. 

Composting with the Subpod is really quick and easy – basic instructions are even on the underside of the lid to show you exactly what to do! Simply unfold, attach the lid and bury in your garden so just the top shows above ground. It’s then ready to use. 

One of the unique features of this system is that it is an in-ground worm farm, with 90% of the unit being below the soil level in your garden. The benefits to being underground includes that you can actively compost all year around as the soil will insulate the compost and protect the composting worms from harsh weather. Also, the holes on all sides of the Subpod allow the worms that live inside to come and go freely, helping to nourish the soil. 

Ideal for smaller households – this size of Subpod can compost up to 10kg of food waste a week, making it the perfect size for households of 1-4 people. You can add a wide range of waste to the Subpod including food scraps, vegetables and fruit, bread, eggshells, grains, coffee grounds, tea bags, dry leaves, grass clippings, shredded newspaper, paper towels, toilet rolls, uncoated cardboard etc. There is also another selection of waste which you can add, but should be more cautious with, this includes meats, bines, fish, seafood, oils, dairy, cheese, chilli, spicy foods, onion, garlic, citrus fruits etc. All this is explained in the detailed instruction manual included with the Subpod. 

Dimensions :
Length 1ft 8½in / 52cm 
Width 1ft 6in / 45cm 
Height 1ft 5in / 43cm.
The Subpod should be planted 12in / 30cm When planting into the ground. 

Made from recyclable polypropylene – this durable plastic is capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures so is ideal for the Subpod. The manufacturers would expect this Subpod Mini to have a lifespan of 10-15 years. The strength of the Subpod can be easily seen as, when planted in a raised bed, you could sit on the top of the Subpod – it has been weight tested upto 200kgs. 

Unique modular design – you can link multiple Minis, either side by side or back to back – so if you find one Subpod is not sufficient it’s easy to add another close by. 

New and improved latch locking system – that ensures that the lid is kept securely closed until you need to open it to add waste. 

Worm blanket – approx. 8mm thick, this 100% natural jute felt helps to insulate your Subpod keeping your worms comfortable in all types of weather. Simply soak in water, ring out and then fit on top of your compost within the Subpod. 

Self-Assembly :
Supplied for simple self-assembly, no tools required, the Subpod is delivered folded flat – simple lift up the side panels and click securely into place. Then fix the lid on top with the sturdy hinges reinforced with stainless steel pins. 

Despatched Direct From The Manufacturer :
Please allow 5 -10 days for delivery.