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Spare Lamp for Sunblaster Grow Light

Spare bulbs for our very popular Sunblaster Grow Lights

These Sunblaster T5HO lamps promote incredible health and vigor in seedlings and cuttings as well as enhancing root development. These lamps can also be used to supply enough light to see plants through to full term growth.

Available in four sizes to suit the Sunblaster Grow Light Fittings:

SBSB30 - The 12" long bulbs are 11 watt / 6400k lamps giving 720 initial lumens.

SBSB45 - The 18" long bulbs are 17 watt / 6400k lamps giving 1581 initial lumens.

SBSB60 - The 24" long bulbs are 24 watt / 6400k lamps giving 2232 initial lumens.

SBSB90 - The 36" long bulbs are 39 watt / 6400k lamps giving 3627 initial lumens.

Life Expectancy on all lamps - 10,000 hours.