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Shuttle Trays With Square Pots

Moving your plant pots is quick and easy with these reusable Square Shuttle Trays. These trays are supplied complete with 2¾" square plastic pots with each tray holding 15 pots. When your plants are large enough to go outside the tray makes it simple for you to carry them around the garden. 

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select one of the money saving packs and you will SAVE up to 25% by buying in bulk. 
These reusable trays are made from strong, rigid, high-impact plastic.

Each tray measures approx. 9" x 15" (235mm x 380mm) and is designed to carry 15 - 2¾” x 2¾” x 3" deep (7cm x 7cm x 8cm) square pots.

These trays have been specially designed with raised drainage holes. So, when fitted with the square pots they will retain 1cm of water for the pot to rest in, with any excess water draining away.