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Sherpa Folding 4-Way Garden Cart

Currently out of stock we are waiting for an availability date from the manufacturer. 
This Sherpa Folding 4-Way Garden Cart is not only ideal for use around your garden or allotment, it’s also great for other hobbies where you need to be able to move lots of things, including fishing, camping, festivals, going to the beach etc etc.
Its clever design allows this sturdy steel cart to be folded into a compact size for easy storage. A storage bag pulls over the cart once it’s folded, with a slot for the carry handle making it easy to tow it along even when folded and covered ready to store. It takes just minutes to fold and unfold as required.
For easy, quiet moving on hard surfaces this garden cart has four wide wheels with rubber grip. Fixed rear wheels and caster front wheels make turning easy. To make towing simple and comfortable its ergonomically shaped handle is telescopic and can be locked at any height. 
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Strong frame – of powder coated steel. The design of the frame incorporates a ‘4-way folding system’ which makes it possible to ‘fold’ this garden cart into a compact size for easy storage.


Size Open – 97cm / 2ft 2in long x 53cm / 1ft 9in wide x 64cm ft / 1in high


Size Closed – 39cm / 1ft 3½in long x 53cm / 1ft 9in wide x 64cm ft / 1in high   


The handle clicks and locks into a storage position (which can be released with the press of a button). A cover is included to fit over the cart once it is folded for storage – there is a carry handle on the cover and a slot for the main handle to fit through so it’s easy to wheel when folded flat.


Fold down ‘tailgate’ – enables this cart to be used for carrying longer / larger loads. Sturdy clip buckles secure the tailgate end in an upright position when the tailgate is not being used.


Size As Flatbed - 132cm / 4ft 4in long x 53cm / 1ft 9in wide x 64cm ft / 1in high

Shaped handle to make it comfortable to move – whilst also providing excellent grip in all weather conditions. The handle is easy to lock at any height. The length of the telescopic handle is adjustable between 53cm / 21inch to 84cm / 33inch.

Hardwearing nylon canvas liner – fits securely over the frame of the cart and is ideal when moving loose loads such as soil, sand or gravel. Large load volume of 100 litres (flat to top of cart). Internal load size approx. 85cm / 2ft 9½in x 40cm / 1ft 3¾in x 30cm / 1ft.

Four large robust wheels – with a rubber grip for quiet, smooth rolling on hard surfaces. The two rear wheels are fixed to make manoeuvring easier. Caster front wheels are used for easy turning. Wheels are approx. 20 cm / 8 inch diameter, 8.5cm / 3¼ inch wide.

Supplied fully assembled – due to its design this garden cart is supplied to you fully assembled, ready to unfold and use.

Despatched Direct From The Manufacturers :
Please allow 2 -3 days for delivery.