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This product will be supplied flat pack for self assembly. Full instructions will be included. 
Framework - a very sturdy but lightweight aluminium framed unit with strong curved uprights to eliminate nasty sharp corners.
Shelf Levels - fully adjustable shelf levels, each capable of holding four full size seed trays or one watertight gravel tray. We recommend fixing one at the top of the uprights, with the remainder spaced below to meet your requirements.
Seed Trays or Gravel Trays - simply select all seed trays or all gravel trays to fill the levels of the Seed Tray Rack. Four 15" (38cm) x 9˝" (24cm) x 3" (7.5cm) deep seed trays fit on each level of the rack, or one 39˝" (100cm) x 15" (38cm) x 2" (5cm) deep black plastic watertight gravel tray.
40" (101.5cm) long
17" (43cm) wide
& either 24"(61cm) for 2 shelf, 36"(92cm) for 3 shelf, 48"(122cm) for 4 shelf or 60" (152cm) for 5 shelf high depending on the model chosen.
NB The legs on the 5' high unit are supplied in two pieces (3' & 2') these are joined with a supplied jointing bracket or can be joined by using one of the horizontal shelf supports. First image shows a 3 Shelf Seed Tray Rack with seed trays on each level.
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Accurate seed sowing not only helps reduce the amount of seed used, it also saves time on thinning out and harming healthy seedlings.

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