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Root Riot Tray Refill Cubes pack of 100

A set of 100 Root Riot Cubes, the new, easy to use organic propagation medium developed to make germination from seeds or cuttings simple and fast. 
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Cubes - Manufactured from composted organic materials inoculated with micro nutrients to nourish young plants & beneficial rooting fungi to aid root development.
 Rapid, Healthy growth - The 'spongy' texture of the cubes retains the exact water to air ratio required for healthy, rapid root growth. 
Dimensions -
Each cube measures 1¼" x 1¼" by 1½" deep (32mm x 32mm x 38mm deep),
Each with a pre-formed hole in the top of the cube ready for either seed or cutting.
 Supplied as a set of 100 cubes. 
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After germination takes place strong, easily visible root systems will soon develop.
 When ready to pot on or plant out, the fully biodegradable cubes enable new plants to be easily transferred complete with cube into soil or other growing medium without any root disturbance.