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Root Control Mats (single)

For use with the Easy2Grow Kits these Root Control Mats are designed to prevent roots from leaving the pots and heading towards the AQUAvalve (roots would obstruct the AQUAvale and prevent it from working if they did reach the valve).

These Root Control Mats are extremely effective due to the special metallic gold coating.

Designed to help protect the Easy2Grow Kits and keep it functioning effectively these mats should last several seasons. HOWEVER we recommend replacing the mats at the beginning of each growing season as this will help to keep the system running effectively and will prevent any disease from being transferred if present.

We sell these mats as single units so you can purchase as few or as many as you require.

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To Use: Attach the control box to the side of your propagating tray with the temperature sensing rod positioned through a 9mm diameter hole so that it sits just below the surface of the sand on which the seed trays sit.

The Rod Thermostat may also be used for sensing air temperatures.

We don't recommend this thermostat for use with mist propagation systems - a more suitable thermostat is the Professional Rod Thermostat (Product code - THPR).