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Replacement Cylinder For Rion Louvre Opener

This replacement cylinder fits into the Automatic Louvre Opener for a Rion Greenhouse. This makes it economical for you to keep your greenhouse well ventilated as it's much cheaper to buy a new cylinder than a new opener!

Actuation range - The opener can be adjusted to set the opening temperature between 15*C up to 25*C.

Operation - The unit works by having a special mineral wax within the cylinder. This wax is very sensitive and expands with heat, pushing out a piston rod to actuate the opening arm the louvre window. As the temperature falls the wax contracts and the window closes.

Size - 6ľ" Long x ľ" diameter (17cm x 2cm).

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Please Note: this cylinder is ONLY suitable for fitting into a Rion Louvre Opener.