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Radfan Classic

Warmth....... Where you want it.
Ever wondered why your room is cold ? Most of the heat leaving your radiator is convected and so gets trapped at the ceiling or is lost through your window leaving you feeling cold.
Radfan's unique designs increase the warm air flow and puts the warmth where you want it most. Making you warmer for less.
30 second install - The Radfan has been designed from the ground up to be a simple self install product. It secures by magnets to the top of your radiator and installs in less than 30 seconds - it's just like installing a reading lamp.
Size & Weight - Each Radfan has an overall height of 115mm, with the height above the radiator being 80mm, the depth of the radfan is 75mm.
The Classic 51 model is 510mm long and weighs 545g and has two integrated fans with a total power of 2W / 12V DC.
The Classic 95 model is 950mm long and weighs 732g and has four integrated fans with a total power of 4W / 12V DC.
The Classic MAX 95 model is 950mm long and weighs 732g and has six integrated fans with a total power of 6W / 12V DC.

Every Radfan comes complete with a DC power supply 3m long (UK 3 pin plug)

Costing less than Ł2 - Ł6 a year to Run - By using industry leading low power, quiet fans the Radfan consumes less than Ł2 - Ł6 of electricity a year to run, depending on the model.
The Radfan Classic 51 uses 1W (about Ł2/year to run)
The Radfan Classic 95 uses 2W (about Ł4/year to run)
The Radfan MAX Classic 95 uses 3W (about Ł6/year to run)

Fit and forget - The Radfan is fully automatic. It uses a thermostatic switch to only run when your radiator is hot, no need to turn it on and off manually. NB. When first installed the Radfan can take up to 15mins to come on, this is due to the internal thermostats getting up to temperature.

Extra control - The Radfan helps make better use of the heat in your room, you'll feel warmer and reduce your energy usage.

A Warmer Home, Guaranteed - The Radfan is the only independently verified and fully guaranteed radiator fan proven to make you warmer and save money. With the best performance on the market we hope you're going to love your Radfan just as much as we do.
All Radfans come with an 18 month manufacturer warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How many Radfans do I need?
A - The Radfan is designed to improve the comfort of the room it is fitted in. Most of our customers start with a Radfan Classic 95 for their living room and then come back and buy the most suitable Radfan for the other rooms in their home.

Q - Won't the heat affect the Radfan?
A - NO - The Radfan is made out of the same ABS plastic that radiator control valves are made from and so it is more than happy at the temperature of a radiator.
Q - What types of radiator will the Radfan fit on?
A - The Radfan will fit on all standard panel central heating radiators and will self support on double and single panel radiators.

Q - How noisy is the Radfan?
A - The Radfan is a lot quieter than an electric fan heater and if you have the TV or Radio on then you can't hear it.

Q - What type of radiator will the Radfan work with?
A - The Radfan has been designed to work with steel panel, water filled radiators. Sadly it's not suitable for victorian style cast iron radiators.

Q - Will the Radfan work in Europe or America?
A - Yes, the power supply that comes with the Radfan is suitable for world use. All you need to do is make sure the radiator you want to fit it to is a steel panel, water filled type and that you have a plug adapter suitable to convert the UK 3-pin plug socket to your country's socket type.