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Quarter Seed Tray Covers Pack of 12

High quality, robust, rigid clear plastic Quarter Seed Tray Covers sturdy enough to be used season after season.
Designed to fit snugly over the Quarter Seed trays.

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Combine with Quarter Seed Trays to increase compost temperatures & retain moisture, helping to improve seed germination & growth.

A neat, single adjustable vent on the top of the cover allows air to seedlings to help prevent damping off.

6" (15cm) long,
3ľ" (9.5cm) wide,
2ľ" (7cm) high.

Supplied as a pack of Twelve.

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As well as water, plants need carbon dioxide for photosynthesis (they combine water, carbon dioxide and light to produce glucose). They access this carbon dioxide through microscopic openings on their leaves and stems. These openings are called ‘stomata’. The stomata open and close regularly to absorb carbon dioxide and as they do this they also release water, this release of water is called transpiration. If the plant is short of water it won't open its stomato as frequently and therefore it won't photosynthesise as much. Sunny, hot weather increases the rate of transpiration, so plants need more water in these conditions.

It's no wonder then that incorrect watering causes most gardening problems, including blossom end rot and fruit splitting, such as when growing in traditional tomato planters.

Here's What The Magazines And Professional Growers Have Said About The Quadgrow Planter

'The answer to most gardeners' prayers. No more coming home to find your peppers parched'
Garden Answers magazine

'Much more responsive to a plant's needs than hand or dripper watering'
Kitchen Garden magazine

'Ensures plants take up exactly what they need'
Grow It magazine

'No more struggling to keep up with the twice daily watering tour'
Kitchen Garden magazine

'The Quadgrow gives me the peace of mind to go away, during the heat of the summer, safe in the knowledge that my plants are in safe hands.'
Matt Simpson Simpson's Seeds