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1/4" Tube Tank Connector

When using your own overhead tank to supply water in a ¼" Drip Watering System use this Tank Connector to allow you to attach ¼" tubing directly to the tank. 
The robust Tank Connector is simply to install. Unscrew the Tank Connector so that you have three separate parts ready to fit:

A: - a 2" (5cm) long screwed fitting, which should be fitted through the side or base of a tank, after having drilled an 11mm hole (you will need access to the inside of the tank in order to fit this). 
B: - a rubber washer to fit onto the outside of the tank.
C: - a screw fitting to lock the Tank Connector of the water tank, screw tight up to the washer for a secure, watertight connection.
You are then ready to fit the tubing to the barbed fitting at the end of the Tank Connector.
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Top Tip 
Water vegetable rows, hedge rows or other rows of plants by installing endline drippers directly into the wall of the supply tube. Route the tube along the base of the row, positioning each drip head at the base of each plant.
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