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1/4" Drip Watering Add-on Bag

When operating an automatic drip watering system using a 2 gallon bag to hold the water, such as the Bag Drip Watering Kit, reduce the need for frequent refilling of the single bag, by inserting an Add On Bag into the system. 
Kit includes:

 A robust black plastic 2 gallon bag (12˝" / 32cm wide, 22" / 56cm overall length) complete with fittings to hang it from an aluminium greenhouse glazing bar.

 One metre of ¼ inch tubing & ¼ inch T connector (both available to purchase separately) to attach the add on bag into the system. 
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Top Tip 
Water vegetable rows, hedge rows or other rows of plants by installing endline drippers directly into the wall of the supply tube. Route the tube along the base of the row, positioning each drip head at the base of each plant.
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