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1/4" (6mm) Tube per Metre

Use this black, flexible ¼" Tubing when establishing a ¼" Drip Watering System.
This tubing is the main artery of the sydtem and is used to carry the water supply around the area to be watered.

Strong & flexible - This tubing is suitable to transport the water over large areas it can be held securely in place with either Ľ" Stakes (to hold the tube in position in soil) or 'cable tacs' (to hold the tubing against a house wall - available from most DIY stores).

Fittings - To turn corners without obstructing the flow of water you can purchase 'Ľ" Elbow Connectors' or to connect into the Ľ" tubing with another Ľ" tube, 'Ľ" T Connectors' are available.

Unobtrusive - This black tubing prevents algae growth which can form in watering systems operating with clear tube.

Supplied in continuous lengths simply purchase as many metres as required.