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Professional Potting Bench

This large Professional Potting Bench manufactured by Two Wests has been designed to give dedicated growers the best place to work at as they plant seeds and pot up young plants. This strong aluminium bench makes it easy and efficient for you to work with your plants in your greenhouse, polytunnel, garden shed or even outdoors. 

This product will be supplied flat pack for self assembly. Full instructions will be included.

Holds compost close at hand - a 6" deep watertight black plastic tray forms the top of the bench. The tray is capable of holding up to 65 litres of compost ready for you to work with.

Efficient filling of pots, seed trays, plug trays and root trainers - a sturdy mesh work surface (16" wide) can be moved across the surface of the bench, letting you fill your pots, with excess compost falling back into the tray below.

Maximum storage - for all your potting tools and pots, this potting bench has a 7" wide top shelf and an 11" wide lower shelf.

Dimensions - 40" wide, 22˝" deep, 37" high to the work surface, 54" overall height (inc. upper shelf).

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