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Plant Links

Just £3.20 for these Small Plant Links, normal RRP is £5.99
These Plant Links are designed to enable you to create the perfect size plant supports to suit your plants. To support individual plants simply use three Plant Links to surround the plant. However, for larger clusters of plants join more and more Plant Links together to create a larger plant support. Or, to prevent plants from falling onto lawns or pathways, create a straight support by standing the Plant Links side by side.
Made from plastic coated steel you'll be able to use these Plant Links year after year to provide strong plant support.

Their clever design means they easily interlock together to create a strong barrier and just as easily can be unlinked and re-arranged to create different shapes of support.

Available in one size:
Small - 8" wide x 18" high (20cm x 46cm)
Supplied as a pack of three Plant Links.

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Keep your borders looking their best by providing your plants with a little support. Plants with slender stems or those made top heavy with flowers will benefit most, such as delphiniums, snapdragons, asters, zinnias etc.