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PARTITION for Elite Kensington Lean To Greenhouse

Why fit a partition in your greenhouse?
The main reason for fitting a partition is to separate the building into smaller sections, which you can then treat differently. For example you could keep one area as a warm house, possibly as a place for propagation, whereas the other area could be a cold house for hardening off older plants before they go into the garden. Keeping the area you wish to heat to higher temperatures as small as possible will help greatly in keeping running costs down.

Select the partition to suit the type of greenhouse you have.

Select the same type of glazing as your lean-to (not essential)

Select the same colour for the finish to the frame as for your lean-to (not essentila)

It should be noted that a partition should ideally be fitted at the same time as building your lean-to, we do not recommend trying to fit a partition retrospectively.

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Please Note:
All these partitions are only suitable for Elite Lean-To Greenhouses and should be purchased at the same time as your lean-to.