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New Season Cuttings Kit

For use with a Hydropod Propagator this New Season Kit includes everything you need to help you succeed with raising plants from cuttings. Included in the kit are twenty Sponge Discs, Root Magic potting up granules and Revive Plant Tonic.
Twenty Sponge Discs - these are used with the Hydropod Propagator and are specially designed to gently hold your cuttings in place whilst your cuttings roots develop. The reusable discs can be used 3-4 times and should then be replaced.

125ml Revive Plant Tonic - this superb tonic is perfect for preparing plants for taking cuttings because it prompts the plant to produce healthy shoots which can be taken as cuttings. Simply spray your plants two weeks before taking cuttings and you?ll have healthy shoots to choose from.

You can also use Revive to help sick plants. This 100% natural tonic will help plants recover from drought, cold, pests, over-watering and over-heating.

350g Root Magic - these easy to use potting up granules helps with the expansion of the rootzone of your plants. Simply add a teaspoon of the granules to the planting hole when you?re potting-on plants raised in the Hydropod. Root Magic contains Mychorrizae which attach themselves to the roots forming an expansion to the rootzone. This helps the roots to access water and nutrients from much further away, which helps the plant to get established quickly and be more resistant to drought and disease.

You can use Root Magic with all your plants, not just those grown from cuttings. Try adding a tablespoon of granules around plants in borders and veg plots as well as to grow bags, pots and hanging baskets. The blend of mycorrhizal fungi and all-natural bio-stimulants will boost the root zone.