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MK2 Dewpoint

Patented and exclusively manufactured by Two Wests & Elliott, the Dewpoint Cabinet is a completely self-contained propagator in which you can create and control the ideal conditions for easy and rapid propagation, growth of cuttings and germination of seeds.
This Dewpoint Cabinet has all the elements required for propagation, heating - controlled by a sophisticated thermostatic control box which enables you to set different temperatures for day and night periods, Lighting - specialist plant lighting again governed by the control box which has a programmable timer attached and lastly, Watering - inbuilt water reservoir into which air is pumped to create 'the dewpoint' or humidity which allows the seedlings or cuttings to take just the right amount of water they need. 
This product will be supplied flat pack for self assembly. Full instructions will be included.
 Some minor electrical connections will be required, please see the learn more tab. 
 A completely enclosed, artificial environment allows propagation at any time of year.

 Designed for continuous and economical use, maximum electrical usage is approximately 280 watts.

 Fully automatic and maintenance-free control - It can be left unattended for several weeks.

 Fully thermostatically controlled and timed light operation.

 Bottom heat generated by a 166 watt full coverage heated tray.

 Variable output 3.8 watt air pump.

 Hinged lighting hood with multiple opening postitions enables easy access to its 5 cu/ft interior.

 Lighting hood contains two 55 watt colour 86 daylight fluorescent tubes.

 Ideal for most subjects including heathers, orchids, roses, tropicals & rhododendrons (rhododendron seedlings have been known to put on three years growth in 9 months).

 Revives sickly plants.

 Easy weaning - plants rooted in 3 weeks can go straight out.

 Overall Dimensions: 48" (122cm) long, 22˝" (57cm) wide (enough room for 6 standard seed trays) by 51" (129cm) high.
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It MUST be sited in a covered place where the temperature is constant & fairly COOL (e.g. garage, outhouse, cellar etc.) close to a mains electricity supply - NOT in a greenhouse as temperatures can become too excessive for its' efficient operation. 
Click Here to see instructions for building this Cabinet as well as comments from it's inventor.
 For owners of Dewpoint Cabinets purchased prior to 2015 please Click Here to see instructions for building the older model of Cabinet.

 Please note that it is necessary to wire the three electrical components (Heated Tray, Lighting Hood and Air Pump) as well as the mains in lead, into the control box, this is very straight forward and similar to wiring a plug, IE live, neutral and earth connections. Full instructions are provided but if in any doubt we recommend you consult a competant person or a qualified electrician.