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Established 1975 A Trusted Brand
Made In Britain Homegrown Company
Safe & Secure Feel Confident as You Shop
Established 1975 A Trusted Brand
Made In Britain Homegrown Company
Safe & Secure Feel Confident as You Shop

Mini Paraffin Heater

This superior Mini Greenhouse Paraffin Heater has been designed to enable you to heat up to a 4ft x 6ft greenhouse. 
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Heat Output - this single burner paraffin heater has 0.3KW output.

Heat Spreader – to provide even heat distribution, manufactured from galvanised steel.

Chimney – galvanised steel construction with flame inspection hole.  

Burner – brass plated steel construction with two wicks, winders for wick height adjustment.

Paraffin Tank – powder coated steel, 12 inches / 30cm diameter for extra stability, capacity 4.5 litres / 8 pints.

Filler Cap – for safe paraffin storage.  

Dimensions: 12 inches (30cm) diameter x 16 inches (41cm) high.

Please note – this heater is not suited for use in orchid or cactus cultivation, since some orchids don’t tolerate raised CO2 levels well.

How To Operate:

Position the heater where it cannot be knocked over, keeping a minimum distance of 30cm to flammable objects.

Fill the tank with a maximum of 4.5 litres of premium paraffin. Leave 10mm head space in the tank.

Screw the burner in place, adjusting the wicks to the bottom position using the adjusting screws. Once in position the wicks take about one hour to saturate with paraffin – never light the wicks when they are dry.

Mount the chimney and heat cover in position on the tank. After five minutes use the viewing window to check the height of the flame. Then check again after 15 minutes.

The flame should not be higher than the centre bridge on the fuel element – a higher flame will dry out the wick and create smoke. If it should be smoking use the adjusting wheels to adjust the height of the wick and flame.

During use it is important that adequate ventilation is provided, otherwise the flame may not get enough oxygen and suffocate.

To extinguish the flame, turn the wick down fully and blow out the flame. Or use the extinguishing lever. Remove any excess soot from the wick with a soft brush or cloth. You should always extinguish the flame before topping up with paraffin.

When using new wicks or re-using wicks that have not been in use for a longer period, remove the wick from the fuel element and allow to dry for one hour. When it is dry, re-insert the wick and leave in position for one hour to saturate with paraffin.
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N.B. Designed for safe operation in a greenhouse, it is not intended for use in domestic situations.
Using a paraffin heater creates CO2 one of the main plant foods.

Please note manufacturers safety information:

Keep burner clean.
Use only paraffin, do not use any other fuel, such as petrol etc. 
Do not carry or fill when alight.
Do not use as a cooker.
Position the heater centrally and away from the edge.
Do not use in a dwelling, this is not a domestic heater.
When the heater is not in use during the summer, it is important to store it in a sealed container (e.g. plastic bag) to protect it against spiders and insects since these can easily block the passages, necessitating cleaning.