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Mains & Pump Pressure Regulator and Gauge

This precision made Mega Regulator and Gauge helps you maintain and monitor the exact pressure being delivered to your irrigation system from your mains water supply or pump.
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A precision made easy to read gauge allows you to set and maintain the optimum pressure being delivered to your irrigation system making watering more efficient.

Automatically switches off the flow once it's reached your pre-set pressure level.
As the pressure subsides the valve re-opens and restores the supply.

Fully adjustable from 0-86 psi (0-6 bar)

The Gauges 2" dial is displayed in both imperial psi and metric bar.

Supplied complete with a brass inlet and outlet, compatible with all snap on connectors (supplied separately).

Long lasting corrosion free, Hot Dipped galvanised body.

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Sometimes mains pressure can be a bit irratic.
If a tap is turned on somewhere else in the property the pressure and flow can suddenly drop as the supply is diverted to this second outlet.
When this outlet is then switched off a sudden surge can be generated causing a weak or insecure joint to blow.
This device allows safe and consistent running of a mains supplied irrigation system by automatically swithing off the supply if the set pressure is exceeded.

Some pumps have a factory setting which can be too excessive for a particular system. The regulator can be set to maintain a lower pressure, suitable for the system.