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Jiffy GrowBlocks

These large Jiffy Grow Blocks are an innovative new growing medium which are 100% peat free, being made from 100% Coco substrate. A mixture of coconut pith and husk chips are enclosed in a degradable netting making the Grow Block self supporting without the need for a plastic pot.
The purified, stabilized coco substrate is carefully manufactured by Jiffy to have a water holding capacity of 60-75% and an air porosity value of 20-35%, this tried and tested construction ensures optimum oygen diffusion along with ideal water holding which results in rapid, stronger rooting and very healthy vegetative growth on developing plants.

SKU JGB050010
Used widely by commercial growers around the world with great success, these Jiffy Grow Blocks are equally ideal for use in the home grower environment.

Supplied as a compressed, dry block they are easy to store until required for use.

Dry - All blocks are 15mm thick.
Soaked: 50mm block becomes 45mm thick and 80mm block becomes 50mm thick.
Rapid expansion takes place with the adding of a water and fertilizer solution.

The clean inert nature of the substrate allows for the grower to make adaptions to any fertilizer application allowing careful management of EC and pH levels.

The Growblock is supplied with a ready made seed / seedling hole for ease of planting.

When the time is right the Grow Block can be planted straight into the ground, planted in a large pot or added to the Jiffy Growbag for growth right through the cropping stage.