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Iriso Watering Kit 12 Plant Kit

This Iriso Watering Kit is one of the simplest and quickest automatic watering systems to install whilst still providing maximum versatility and reliability.
You don’t need mains water - you can create your own reservoir of water using a plastic container, water butt etc. With no batteries or electricity required it will provide your plants with water 24 hours a day.
For maximum versatility the drip feeds have 11 adjustable flow rates - making this automatic watering system suitable for watering potted plants, vegetables, garden flowers or even shrubs and trees. 
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Suitable for use indoors or out - for pots or planters, flower beds, vegetable rows or greenhouses. 
Two kits are available:
12 Plant Kit - this includes 12 drippers, 8 metres of tube, 11 'T' connectors and 1 tank connector with filter.
20 Plant Kit - this includes 20 drippers, 16 metres of tube, 19 'T' connectors and 1 tank connector with filter.
Quick and easy to install:
A Tank Connector - lets you connect the tubing directly into your reservoir of water. All you need to do is drill a 9mm hole in the side of your water container and fir the connector.
Tubing - a flexible, black tubing to carry the water from the reservoir of water to your plants. Simply cut and fit Drip Feeds as required.
Connector with built in Filter - this will prevent the watering system from becoming blocked. You can clean out the filter from time to time to ensure the system remains efficient.
Drip Feeds - these can be adjusted to 11 different flow rates (from 1.5cl up to 1.5 litres per day). Simply push the feed directly into the ground, close to your plants and the water will drip exactly where it's required.
For this system to run efficiently the reservoir of water (a plastic container, waterproof tank or water butt etc) should be at least 50cm higher than the plants being watered.
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Please Note: This Green Spike is part of the Iriso Drip Watering System. It will need to be joined to a Dripper with the use of some 4mm Tube - both Dripper and Tube are available to purchase separately.