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Halls Silverline Louvre Vent

Please note: sent direct from the manufacturer please allow 30 weeks for delivery.
By adding this Louvre Vent to your Silverline Halls Lean-To you will be complimenting the roof vents included with the lean-to. By combining louvre windows and roof vents you will be able to increase air flow through your lean-to - essential during the hotter months.
A louvre can also be left slightly open during the winter months to allow fresh air into the lean-to, helping to prevent stagnant pockets of air.
A five bladed / 18in louvre - designed to be positioned on the length of the lean-to.

Available In Two Finishes - choose from either plain aluminium or green. Choose the same colour for the louvre as you are having with the lean-to.

Glazed with Toughened Glass - to match your Silverline lean-to greenhouse.

Please note: Louvre vents can only be added to the 10'7" or 12'7" long Silverline lean-tos. Only one louvre can be added to either size.

These louvre vents can only be ordered at the same time as your greenhouse.