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Gardena Threaded Four Tap Connector

Designed to simply screw onto a threaded tap this Gardena Four Outlet Threaded Tap Connector enables you to easily operate up to a maximum of four watering accessories simultaneously or individually from just one tap.

Taps on each branch of the connector enables the flow rate to be individually adjusted or shut off.

Outlets designed to take a Snap-On Hose Connector or remove the male adaptors on the outlets to enable a water controller to be securely screwed directly into position.

Supplied complete with adaptors enabling it to be fitted to either 1" or ľ" (25mm or 19mm) threaded taps.

Gardena product code: 1191-20.

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We are often asked how to ascertain the size of an outside tap.

The easy way is to measure the EXTERNAL diameter of the threaded portion of your tap & then subtract Ľ" (6mm).
E.g. Measured diameter ľ" (19mm), tap size = ˝" (13mm).

Click Here for advice on choosing the right connectors for your watering system.

Click Here for advice on choosing the correct connectors for your watering system.