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Gardena Spray Nozzle 360 Deg Pack of 5

These Gardena 360º Spray Nozzles are ideal for use in flower beds, borders or vegetable plots. Use in conjunction with 90º & 180º Spray Nozzles you can ensure complete coverage of a given area.

The flow rate of the Nozzles is set at 120 litres per hour.

Provides a light spray over a 360ş area between approx. 6'6" (2m) up to 9'10" (3m).

To control the length of the area covered insert a Control Valve (available to purchase separately) into which the Spray Nozzle can be screwed.

Can be used by either:
Inserting directly into the wall of ˝" (13mm) Supply Tube.

Fitting onto a ˝" (13mm) Joint or Tube & Nozzle Peg.

Or to lift the Nozzle higher use on top of a 9" (23cm) Pipe Extension (all these items are available to purchase separately).

Gardena product code: 1365-20.

Supplied as a pack of 5.

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