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Gardena Small Area Inline Spray Nozzle Pack of 10

These Gardena Inline Small Area Spray Nozzles are ideal for small targeted areas of watering - the irrigation diameter can be adjusted between 4" up to 16". Use with our Extension Joints to lift the nozzle off the ground when you want to water taller plants. 
The irrigation diameter can be easily adjusted between 4"-16" (10-40cm) to suit the area you wish to water.
Nozzles have a flow rate of 40 litres per hour.

Can be used either:

Inline with the 3/16" (4.6mm) Branch Tube.
With a Shut-Off Valve to adjust flow rate (Valves available to purchase separately).
With Tube & Nozzle Pegs for secure positioning on soft ground or with Plastic Clamps to hold against firm surfaces (pegs and clamps are available to purchase separately).
Or with the 9" (23cm) Pipe Extensions to life the nozzles higher (Pipe Extensions available to purchase separately).

The Spray Nozzles have integrated cleaning needles for easy cleaning. 

Gardena product code: 8321-20

 Supplied as a pack of 10. 
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Use with the hand-held scrubbing brush for a more effective clean (988-20)