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Gardena Nozzle and Pipe T Joint 13mm Pack of 5

Versatile ½" (13mm) Spray Nozzle & Pipe Joints designed by Gardena to allow you to quickly, easily & securely fit Spray Nozzles into ½" Supply Tube. 
The versatile design of the joints enables them to: 

Be securely held in place on either soft ground or a hard surface - by combining them with either ½ inch (13mm) Tube and Nozzle Pegs or Tube Clamps (available to purchase separately). 

Enable Pipe Extensions to be fitted to lift Spray Nozzles 9inch (23cm) above the ground.

Allow you to change Spray Nozzles easily as your watering requirements alter.

Gardena product code: 8331-20. 

Supplied as a pack of 5. 
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