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Gardena Master Unit

When installing a Gardena Drip & Spray System a Master Unit should be fitted at the start of the system to filter & reduce the mains water pressure to 21psi (1.5 bar) which efficiently operates the micro-jets, sprinklers and drippers. 
The input end of the unit has a coupling enabling it to simply accept a Snap-On hose connector which is on the end of hosepipe, attached to your mains water supply.

The master unit is supplied with fittings for the output end to enable either 13mm Supply Tube or 3/16"  / 4.6mm Branch Tube to be fitted directly to the unit.

A stainless steel clip enables quick & easy connection or disconnection of the tube.

Includes a removable filter which should be cleaned periodically to ensure efficient operation.

Gardena product code: Master Unit 1000 / 1355. 
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Please note:
Remove, drain, clean and store the Master Unit away before the first frosts set in. 

Click Here to read the operating instructions for this Gardena Master Unit.