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Gardena Backpack Sprayer 12ltr

This Gardena Backpack Sprayer makes it easy to distribute large quantities of water, pesticides or fertilizer. Its high capacity makes it ideal for plant care in large gardens containing fruit trees and vines.
Its integrated carrying handle and padded carrying straps along with the shape of the container make it easy and comfortable to carry. The telescopic spray lance has an adjustable metal nozzle for accurate spraying or for the coverage of large areas.

Large Capacity - A generous 12 litre tank allows distribution of large quantities making it ideal for use on larger gardens and crops.

Comfort - The shape and design of the tank, together with the padded straps, make the backpack easy and comfortable to carry and helps protect your back, it also comes with an intergated carry handle.

Large Coverage - The telescopic spray lance is fully adjustable and has a metal nozzle for large areas and those difficult to reach.

Practical - The large filler opening at the top and the filter makes for easy use and cleaning.

Hard Wearing - Made from durable, impact resistant plastic.

Suitable for everyone - By simply altering the straps the tank can be used whether your right or left handed.

Gardena Product 884-20.

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