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Gardena 4.6mm Tube and Nozzle Pegs

These versatile Gardena 3/16" (4.6mm) Tube and Nozzle Pegs have been designed to hold 3/16" Branch Tube or Sprinklers / Nozzles securely in place. 
Use to hold the Branch Tube in place into the ground - the 4" (10cm) 'leg' on the base of the unit can be sunk into the ground to securely hold the tube whilst the top of the unit clips over the tube or 3/16" Connectors.

Can also be used to hold sprinklers in place - whether they have been fitted directly into the Branch Tube via Spray Nozzle Joints or on the end of Pipe Extensions - the hole at the top of the peg simply slips over the sprinkler or enables the pipe extension to be fitted.

Gardena product code: 8327-20. Supplied as a pack of 3.

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