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Gardena 13mm To 4.6mm Reducing T Connector

When laying out your automatic watering system these robust Gardena 3 Way Connectors enable you to branch 3/16" (4.6mm) branch tube into ½" (13mm) supply tube, allowing you to take water direct to plants, containers or baskets with this 3/16" discreet tube. 
Design includes stainless steel clips enabling quick & easy connection or disconnection to supply tube & branch tube, so if your watering needs increase within the garden or greenhouse extending or modifying the system is simple.
 Gardena advise you should not run more than a 15 metre length from each branch from the supply tube due to the water flow being restricted when using this narrow 3/16" (4.6mm) tube. 
Gardena product code: 8333-20.
 Supplied as a pack of 5. 
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Click Here to download Gardena's useful free water planner.