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FreshaTank Antimicrobial Disc

Keep the water in your water butt fresh and odour free with this FreshaTank Antimicrobial Disc. Made from copper and silver, it uses the natural biocidal effects of real silver to destroy germs including viruses, bacteria, fungi and water-borne diseases.
One disc will treat 90 litres of water and will never need to be replaced. 
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Using the same industrial silver used in drinking water purifiers, hot tub filters and many medical items simply place FreshaTank into your water butt and the strong microbial action of the 99.9% pure industrial silver will destroy fungal, viral, bacterial micro-organisms and parasites in the reproductive stage. 

When used in your water butt FreshaTank will eliminate foul smelling water as well as killing any algae in the water. 

You will need one FreshTank Disc for every 90 litres of water in your water butt. 

The disc is everlasting so won't need to be replaced and you should see an improvement to the water in your water butt in 24 hours.