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Forest Garden Woodstore

This timber Woodstore from Forest combines all the features necessary for an effective place to store logs. It provides a sheltered position to keep logs whilst its slatted floor, sides and back allow maximum airflow - vital when storing logs as you are trying to reduce their moisture content (freshly cut timber contains around 60% or more of moisture, for effective burning it needs to be as little as 20%. This is because dry logs burn quicker, is easier to light and provides better heat than logs with more moisture content).
The compact dimensions of this woodstore will also enable you to place it in the best location - ideally it should be close to your house so you have quick and easy access to it, especially important during the winter months when it will be used the most.
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Construction material - manufactured from FSC certified timber from sustainable sources. Includes a square board floor, boarded pressure treated timber roof and 46mm x 28mm framing.

Pressure Treated - this wood store has been manufactured from timber which has been pressure treated for longer life. Products made from this type of timber are backed by a manufactures 15 year anti-rot guarantee, with no re-treatment required. For more details about dip treated timber please look under the 'Learn More' tab.

Dimensions :
Width - 4ft / 122cm
Depth - 2ft 11in / 88cm
Height - 4ft 3in / 128cm

15 Year Anti-Rot Guarantee - this store comes with a 15 year manufacturers guarantee against rot, provided that any timber which is cut during assembly or any time afterwards is treated with a suitable preservative in order to re-seal the timber and protect it from water ingress and fungal attack.

Self Assembly - this wood store is provided flat packed for self-assembly. Supplied with some pre-assembled panels you will need the use of a drill, tape measure and pozi drive screwdriver during construction.

Delivery : please allow 7-10 working days for delivery.

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Delivered direct from manufacturers please allow 7 working days for delivery. You will receive documentation in the post which enables you to book a convenient delivery date.

Please Note: unfortunately this item cannot be delivered to Isle of Wight, Northern Ireland or any other Offshore Islands.

Pressure Treated Timber

Forest timber items which are designed to be in ground contact are pressure impregnated with Osmose Naturewood preservative (a timber preservative which contains copper and an organic co-biocide), an effective method used to preserve wood against fungal decay and insect attack. Osmose is a trusted name in wood preservative and supplies preservative products to a worldwide market. A decorative dye is added to the preservative process to ensure every piece of timber is coloured and preserved in one operation. This colour will fade over time to a honey brown colour.

Stains and water repellents may be applied immediately if required, providing you follow the manufacturer's instructions. If Osmose treated timber is cut, notched or drilled it is recommended that an approved cut end treatment be applied. Failure to do so may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

Click Here to see details for assembling this woodstore.