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Elite Windsor 4'4" Wide Lean To

Please note that this comes direct from the manufacture. Please allow 22 weeks for delivery for plain frame (30 weeks for a painted model). 
The low ridge height of these range of Elite 4'4" (1320mm) Wide Windsor Lean-Tos enables them to be sited against garden sheds, low buildings or garages etc. allowing you to make the most of the space available in your garden.
Framework - sturdy, maintenance free aluminium frame which simply bolts together. 
Finish - available in plain aluminium or with a powder coated finish in white, green, brown or graphite.
Glazing - available with either 3mm horticultural glass, 4mm toughened glass or 6mm polycarbonate.
Access - 2' (610mm) wide & 5'3" (1600mm) high single 'fingertip sliding' door. Can be situated either end of the lean-to (NOT on the front).
Ventilation - Roof vents as detailed - 
The 4'6" to 12'6" models include one 2ft sq (0.372 m sq) opening roof vent.
The 14'6" & 16'6" models include two 2ft sq (0.372 m sq) opening roof vents.
The 18'6" & 20'6" models include three 2ft sq (0.372 m sq) opening roof vents.
Gutter - built in aluminium gutter runs the length of the lean-to adding to the strength of the structure.
4'4" (1320mm) wide,
5'3" (1600mm) high to the eaves & 6'7" (2010mm) high to ridge (height dimensions excluding a base).
Available in nine lengths from 4'6" (1372mm) increasing in 2' (620mm) increments.
Please Note
The dimensions provided for greenhouses are 'nominal'. A nominal size is used for identification purposes only and will not match the exact dimensions of the product. We can supply you with exact dimensions which will allow you to prepare a base in advance if you need to.
These greenhouses are supplied direct from the manufacturers. Whilst every attempt is made for your order to be delivered promptly and in perfect condition we strongly recommend that no arrangements for installation involving third party contractors are made until you are in receipt of your goods and have checked that they are satisfactory. 
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Illustration shows an Elite 4'4" (1320mm) wide Windsor Lean-To, 6'6ľ" (2000mm) long with a plain aluminium frame, horticultural glass & aluminium base. 
 Elite use their own transport to deliver their greenhouses. Please allow 22 weeks for delivery (30 weeks for a painted model). 

Help The Driver
Elite use their own transport to deliver their greenhouses. When placing an order, please consider the following questions and contact us when placing your order with any details:
Is your address hard to find? If so, please give landmarks near the property, e.g. across the road from the pub, near the school etc.
Are there any low bridges, narrow roads or any restrictions you can think of in gaining access to the property? 
Can we get there with our vehicle? - a 15 ton lorry, 30’ long, 11’4" high, 8’6" wide (similar to the size of a removal van).
Click here for advice on deciding on the best site for your greenhouse.