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Elite Lean To Roof Vent

Please Note: This product can only be purchased at the same time as an Elite Lean To Greenhouse, it CAN NOT be ordered alone.
Roof Vents in your greenhouse allow you to provide ventilation and air circulation in your greenhouse, especially important during the summer months when your greenhouse can get very warm. So it’s important when you purchase your greenhouse that you have sufficient roof vents for the size of greenhouse, you can have too few roof vents but it’s not possible to have too many !
It’s also much more difficult to fit roof vents after you’ve built your greenhouse than it would be to fit them when you’re building your greenhouse.

If you would like more roof vents than supplied with your Elite lean to greenhouse as standard, you should purchase some of these extra roof vents.

Each roof vent is approximately 2ft square and includes a roof stay to let you latch the window closed or leave it propped open.

If you want to automate the opening of a roof vent then you will need to replace the window stay with an automatic opener (available separately) (Product Code : GHXL)

The frame of the roof vent can be either plain aluminium or have a coloured powder coating, NB. - select the same finish as you have chosen for your Elite lean to.

The roof vent can be glazed with horticultural glass, toughened glass or polycarbonate, you should select the same glazing as you have chosen for your Elite Lean To.