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Elite Dropped Door

Please Note: This product can only be purchased at the same time as an Elite Greenhouse or Lean To Greenhouse, it CAN NOT be ordered alone.
When siting your greenhouse, if you choose to locate it on top of a purpose built dwarf brick wall you will end up with an awkward 'step over' into your greenhouse. For this reason Elite offer this Dropped Door Modification which alters the doorway to take into account the height of the wall.
You will be left with a minimal 3/4" (2cm) high aluminium threshold plate.
A ‘dropped door’ is suppllied as standard with the Elite Compact, Streamline, Craftsman, High Eave and Belmont.

If you are ordering an aluminium base with other Elite greenhouses, this option will drop the door into that aluminium base.

If you have built your own base, from brick or wood we will need to know the depth of the drop required when you place your order.

Select the dropped door required based on the width of door being supplied with your greenhouse.

Please Note:
A Dropped Door can only be ordered at the same time as your Elite greenhouse.